Kind, Effective & Modern Dog Training

Enjoy training your dog using games and reward based sceintific techniques


Hi, I’m Claire owner & trainer of Doggies Training based in Bearwood, near Poole, Dorset. For your peace of mind I’m a qualified & assessed trainer through the IMDT ( Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ) and continually update my education. All methods are proven by science and are kind & effective . No use of force, fear or pain. 

Choose from exclusive small group outdoor classes in a private field, one-to-one training packages or online learning, there’s something to suit all needs and budget to help your dog or puppy!


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Online Learning School

Choose from courses delivered by myself or famous trainers, all online to suit you & at an affordable cost
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Recall Issue?

Watch them come running!

Watch them come running!

Does your dog find other things more interesting than coming back to you? I understand how frustrating and scary this can feel & would love to help you
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Puppy Training

Learning Skills for Life!

Learning Skills for life

Though puppy class or 1-1 training or online I help you with common puppy problems as well as learning skills for life
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Help for Adult Dogs

From classes to 1-1 support

Adult Dog Training

Does your dog need a refresher or beginners class? Or are you struggling with anything specific and need 1-1 help?
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Help your dog use their incredible nose

So many benefits for your dog!

Classes & 1-1 Scentwork for your dog giving them a chance to use their incredible nose
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canine Enrichment

Rescouces & Information

Enrich your dog's life

Canine enrichment activities can help you dog in so many ways. Find out how you can help your dog here
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