Learn how to teach your pet dog scent detection. We will teach you an indication, then various searches using a red Kong ( which goes down to a tiny piece of Kong )

Towards the end your dog will be learning Car Searches, Bag Searches, Elevated searches, & Chair Searches!


UK Sniffer Dog Scentwork Class Bronze Level ( Beginners )

Thursday mornings 11-11.45am for 6 weeks commencing on October 8th 2020

Class held outdoors near Merley / Gravel Hill

£85 for the 6 weeks

3 Dogs Per Class 

You will need to feed your dog from a red KONG daily for 1 – 2 weeks prior to coming to class

Treat Bag & Plenty of Treats

A toy if your dog is toy motivated

Harness & Longline

A Scent kit will be available should you wish to practice at home: Details TBC