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Online Courses

Beginners Unleashed Recall

This course is suitable to teach puppies or dogs that need help with their recall.

It provides a simple step-by -step recall training system developed to set you and your dog up for success from the start.

Through fun games and training, you should see an improvement within a few weeeks of training in just a few short 3 minute sessions a day.

Things we cover are:

  • Pre-Course Learning
  • Reflex to Recall Cue
  • Recall Games
  • Close Proximity Games
  • Play Skills
  • Basic Scent-work
  • Emergency Stop
  • Collar conditioning
  • Positive Lead Conditioning

To celebrate our launch, you can currently receive 20% Off Making it only £27!

Good Dog Level 1

By Famous Dog Trainers

Good Dog Level 1 is a great foundation course covering vital life skills such as loose lead walking, recall, sit/stay, focus on owner, as well as learning a retrieve and some tricks too.

This is delivered by Jo-Rose, Nando Brown & Dean Nicholas, who have starred on TV as well as running the World Scent Dog Association and School of Canine Science.

With daily short video’s and exercises to fit into your day in sessions that only take a few minutes each time.

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